How it works

Use our website to choose and customise your film development order online. After payment, you’ll receive an order number. Include that when you post your film to us. We process your film, scan it (if requested) and mail it back to you

Why choose us?

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  • Digital downloads of your developed film
  • Combined postage for multiple rolls at checkout
  • Easy online forms, no confusing paper mailers
  • Vintage film scanning
  • We know film, we shoot it – develop it and share it!



How to

Vintage film scanning

Mackay Film recently announced that we now provide photographic film (or print) scanning services. But before diving into the digital world, we’d like to take a moment to re-iterate to you just what’s at stake. Read more…

Photographic series

TMAX 400

We’re just loving Kodak’s TMAX 400 with its smooth grain and some would say creamy textures. Now that we’re in winter it’s tempting to stay indoors rugged up, at Mackay Film we say no! Get Read more…

Photographic series

Trolley series

Abandoned trolleys of Mackay Walking around Mackay City, you would think only trolleys live here. The CBD is fertile ground for their capture via celluloid. All photographs taken have been developed in house by Mackay Read more…