“Film enthusiasts around the world, unite! Now be the time to shoot pictures on celluloid.” – Mackay Film

The why

Camera lense

After being continually frustrated by the limited support and clunky nature of existing mail order film dev services, we setup Mackay Film.

No more mucking around, no more paper forms, no more over the phone payments. We offer a convenient film development & scanning service through our eStore that you can access via your smart phone (or computer). We are passionate about film and making photographs using the analog process, but we strongly believe in embracing modern techniques. Mackay Film acknowledges film is a niche, and we acknowledge good mail order services are hard to find. We are film developers for the 21st century film photographer.

Our goal is to assist and grow the local film community in Australia, we want you to shoot more celluloid. Checkout out goals and milestones, this is our future plan for Mackay Film.

The analogue revival is here! Support us, so we can support you, like our Facebook page. We love photography, we love film and we love the grain! Film’s survival depends on us all to shoot, embrace and talk about this analogue medium. Our steadfastness will ensure future generations get to experience the thrill of receiving photographs they have taken on the analogue medium.

We are temporarily closed until the 21st of January 2019 and apologise for any inconvenience. Dismiss