General questions about our services and products

Can you scan my film without cutting them?

We are investigating the acquisition of a scanner than would not require films to be cut.

Differences between Parcel and Letter post?

Our postage options are constrained by the terms of the postal service.

Getting film processed outside of town can start to add up, especially when you have to use Parcel Post both to and from the lab.


  • Parcel Post is the safer method, and allows us to package your precious film in a way to reduce the risk of harm.
  • Letter Post is the cheaper method, but restricts our ability to provide protection for its return journey.

We decided to offer Letter Post, as we find ourselves sometimes the photos taken on a particular roll are not that valuable – but the negatives still offer information. For instance, when testing a newly bought (old) film camera for light leaks or other issues.

Do you cater to people outside Queensland?

We accept film Australia wide.

Do you develop colour film

We are working towards providing colour film (C41) development services. When we’re ready we’ll announce it.

Do you scan old negatives?

Yes we do. Our shop has the list of services that we provide, take a look and complete the form which best suits your needs.

How do you cut the film

We cut the frames into maximum groups as per follows:

  • Medium format: 3x frame of 6×6 per strip
  • 35mm format: 5x frames per strip
  • Other sizes (6×9 etc.) are usually cut into groups of 2x or 1x depending on the roll

Let us know when placing your order if you have a preference.

How do you develop films

We manually process films in managed chemistry to manufacturer specification & instruction (unless requested otherwise) to ensure consistent development results. Films are processed, dried and scanned in dust controlled environments. We use custom processing equipment and spool films on reels for processing to conserve chemistry. Although the greatest care is taken, marks can at times be left in 35mm sprocket holes due to the spooling process. This does not affect image quality, and for almost all common cameras – it is outside the image taking area.

How do you scan film

We currently use an Epson Perfection V550 to scan your film. The Epson produces excellent results and is a consistent workhorse.

All scans are:

  • 300 DPI
  • JPEG with least amount of compression, unless advised otherwise
  • Size as advised
    • Alternative sizes are available upon request and are charged at the rate of the next highest size.
  • 16 bit grayscale for black and white negatives (8 bit if scanning JPEG’s)
  • 48 bit colour for colour negatives (24 bit if scanning JPEG’s)

We keep settings to a minimum to give you the most information in your scans. Sharpening, grain reduction, colour corrections are NOT done – we leave this up to you.

Sample JPEG Scans here

Our full scanning specification is here

Specific alternative requests are available, mention this in the comments section when filling out your form.

How will I receive my scanned photos?

Unless you have opted for the purchase of a USB drive, we will share a Dropbox link with you via the email address provided during checkout. Only you will have access to these images, and they will be read only. Be sure to download your files promptly, we cannot store large batches of photographs.

Is postage combined for multiple films?


Postage is combined for multiple rolls of film. If you’re still unsure, test out a few dummy orders and check the cart for the postage fees.

My film got damaged – what do?

We care for and treat your film as if it were our own. We take reasonable steps to minimise the risk of harm to your film whilst it is in our possession. Please familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions prior to using our services, accessing downloadable links or purchasing our products. If you believe your film has been damaged at our Lab, please contact us.

What black and white developer do you use?

XTOL or D’76.

If you are concerned about the developer used, please contact us.

What if my film is blank?

If your film develops and is blank, or completely black we will not scan and upload the film. If you selected Parcel Post for your order, and the blank film was your only order – upon request we can refund you the price of postage paid rather than send blank film. We cannot offer refunds on Letter Post due to the small dollar value involved, we can provide you with a coupon to use next time you visit our store deducting the cost of Letter Post.

In this case, we will contact you and discuss with you your preferred method of action.

What is the length of 120 film

120 (medium format film) is generally: 720mm long

What is the length of a 36 exposure 35mm film?

The length, inclusive of the tail and leader is generally: 1640mm