Milestones & future outlook

We all have key moments in our life intertwined with our hopes and dreams. These are ours,

2018 – Janurary

  • Mackay Film in it’s latest form is born

2018 – February

  • Website construction starts

2018 – March

  • Website construction finalised

2018 – May

  • Mackay Film is fully operational taking Black & White film orders
  • Facebook page is born

2018 – July

  • Mackay Film accepts old films for scanning

Future goals and aspirations, in no particular order

  • C41 colour negative processing
  • E6 processing, we are just as excited about Kodak Ektachrome as you are
  • Upgrade to our processing kit for faster throughput of film
  • Upgrade of our scanning equipment and acquisition of either Pakon or Frontier scanner
  • Printing, both digital and silver halide
  • Fresh film stock sales including
    • Ferrania
    • Kodak
    • Ilford
  • Cameras!